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Amanda Hansen Foundation to donate furnace to family in need

Dec 13, 2015 | In the News

Tis the season of giving, which is why a local foundation is going above and beyond to help those in need this Christmas.

“I try to be a good person, but nothing good has ever really happened to me, but now it really has,” said Tracy Cannon of Buffalo. 

The Amanda Hansen Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides CO detectors to those that cannot afford them while also spreading awareness of the dangers of CO poisoning, will be donating a furnace to Cannon and her family at noon on Monday, Dec. 14. Cannon lives in a home that also houses her daughter and three grandchildren. Three months ago, her daughter who lives upstairs gave birth to a premature baby that was born at only two pounds, six ounces. Cannon was worried that without heat, her grandchild could become very ill. She contacted Ken Hansen for help and he immediately looked into how he could provide this woman and her family with assistance. The family has not had a working furnace in three years. 

“You wouldn’t believe this, the furnace sits dead center in their living room,” said Hansen. “So they are going to move it completely out of there.” 

When it gets too cold, Cannon’s daughter sleeps in the kitchen to keep warm. The family’s electric heater just broke the other day, so Cannon said this new furnace is really such a blessing that she is more than grateful for.

“There are no words to express how grateful I am for Ken and the foundation,” said Cannon. “It’s been a rough road all my life and for something like this to happen to me, I’m overwhelmed.” 

This is the first of two furnace donations the foundation will make this week. Another donation will take place on Tuesday, Dec. 15 for a family in Orchard Park. 

For more information on the Amanda Hansen Foundation, please visit www.amandahansenfoundation.org.

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