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Arts & Craftsmen Guild to award $500 scholarship

Feb 8, 2023 | Arts & Culture

From its inception, the Arts and Craftsmen Guild on the historic Roycroft Campus in East Aurora has prioritized serving the local community. The artisans came together in 2015 with the intention of furthering the arts and reaching out beyond the Campus walls to support new and developing artists, and the growth of craftsmanship in this region.

With that goal in mind, the Arts and Craftsmen Guild has worked diligently to establish funds for a scholarship program. They are proud to once again offer a $500 scholarship which will be awarded later this year to an area high school student pursuing college studies in the visual arts. This award is determined on a competitive basis and requires the submission of three art portfolio pieces and an artist’s statement, as well as a letter of recommendation. Seniors from school districts across Western New York who plan to continue their college studies in the visual arts are encouraged to apply.

The main source of funding for this program has come from donations of artwork by the Guild’s juried members, which are raffled off annually. The Guild and its members believe in supporting arts education through not only the scholarship program, but by offering student memberships, hosting educational open meetings related to all areas of art and craft, and by continuing to reach out to the community, seeking both artist members and individuals who wish to support them.

Deadline for submission is May 5, and winners will be notified by June 2. For more information, please visit the Guild website at artsandcraftsmenguild.com or contact John Thiesen at (716) 652-6218.

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