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Blue Collar Working Cats protect barns, warehouses, garages and more

May 2, 2023 | In the News

East Aurora-based Feral Cat FOCUS, Inc. (FCF) is prepared for another busy season assisting the SPCA Serving Erie County in placing cats in barns, warehouses, nurseries, wineries, garages and more through the Blue Collar Working Cats program.

“Blue Collar Working Cats are a little too temperamental to be considered perfect, in-home companion cats,” describes SPCA Chief Communications Officer Gina Lattuca. “Some are even feral. Our SPCA often receives these unsocial cats, sometimes surrendered, sometimes part of an animal hoarding situation or other type of animal rescue or cruelty case. The question is … what do we do with this category of cat?”

For more than a decade, FCF has provided an answer for the SPCA and other cat welfare organizations in the state. Historically called various names such as Adopt-A-Barn-Cat program, Adopt-A-Working-Cat program and more, the FCF Blue Collar Working Cats program encompasses more of the establishments that have taken advantage of the loyal presence of these hard-working cats.

One of the founders of FCF, Edie Offhaus, says, “These are cats of various temperaments. In some cases, they are not exactly feral, but they’re unsocial. This program is a beautiful adoption alternative for these types of cats who have nowhere else to go.”

According to Offhaus, Blue Collar Working Cats have been placed in various New York State establishments including wineries, warehouses, nurseries and greenhouses, barns and stables, garages and more. “We place cats in all parts of Western New York and assist agencies all over New York State, even some in the New York City area,” Offhaus states, adding that they do not accept privately-owned cat surrenders but are willing to help pet owners set up a Blue Collar Working Cats environment outside of their residences.

To date, more than 600 establishments house a minimum of two Blue Collar Working Cats. The purpose? “Rodent control, plain and simple,” Offhaus says. “Sometimes the mere presence of Blue Collar Working Cats is enough to keep rodents away from perceived food sources or food and beverage storage areas.”

The SPCA Serving Erie County is honored to be one of the organizations with which FCF works in its Blue Collar Working Cats program. Several hundred cats who were not viable adoption candidates found new lives through FCF and this program, and the SPCA is indebted and eternally grateful to the team at FCF for dedicating so many of their resources to these special cats with high work ethics.

Further details about the Blue Collar Working Cats program are available at //YourSPCA.org/BlueCollarWorkingCats or FeralCatFocus.org.

Organization representatives who believe Blue Collar Working Cats might be a welcome addition to their establishments are encouraged to call FCF at 1-888-902-9717 to learn more about adopting a working cat team.

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