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Commentary: What you have never seen before can save your life

Nov 8, 2017 | In the News

By Peter Gold

What you are seeing behind the vehicle door glass in the photo above are two new proprietary advancements to reduce the loss of life by allowing time to immediately and automatically allow accident avoidance communication to occur at any speed, even when a vehicle is parked. These systems come under the umbrella of an entirely new discipline in vehicle accident avoidance by utilizing the unused potential of the vehicle door as a carrier of a visual Vehicle Door Accident Avoidance System.

The first advancement you are seeing features six high-intensity yellow light emitting diodes, or directional/hazard warning lights, on a high mount location behind the vehicle door glass.

The second advancement, shown in highly reflective white 3M conspicuity traffic film, is highly reflective film that is also located behind the vehicle door glass as part of the interior portion of the window weather strip.

This new location of the highly reflective film is automatically illuminated by another vehicle’s headlights to reflect back an amazing 60 percent of the light of the oncoming vehicle’s headlights. This allows the side of the vehicle to be seen at night, reducing incidents of side impact collisions.

My focus in creating these and other systems was to create universal applications that allow a vehicle to be seen at night without taking away from the design or character of the vehicle. Over 99 percent of vehicle owners will not see these systems when applied to their own vehicles, except when needed. I believe, over time, that these Vehicle Door Accident Avoidance Systems will be so highly desired they will become a new global motor vehicle safety standard.

Peter Gold is the inventor and CEO of Inview Vehicle Trim. For more information, please visit www.inviewvehicletrim.com.

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