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Commentary: It’s one thing to count pedestrian deaths, it’s another thing to not prevent the contributing cause

Aug 23, 2017 | In the News

By Peter Gold

I would like you to imagine you are driving a vehicle down a country road at night, with no street lighting, at a speed of 55 miles an hour. You also see in the distance another vehicle’s headlights coming in the opposite direction. Seconds later, you strike a person standing outside his vehicle that you simply did not see. Or, perhaps you do see the person at the very last second and swerve to avoid hitting him and then become involved in a head-on collision with the vehicle traveling in the opposite direction.

What was the contributing cause of this accident? No visual warning of the opened vehicle door.

Why did I invent Inview Vehicle Trim? To allow you to see the contributing cause of so many now avoidable pedestrian deaths … and possibly your own. An opened vehicle door can be seen at night from over 1,000 feet away, at the speed of light, with Inview Vehicle Trim!

When you buy or lease your next new vehicle, ask for Inview Vehicle Trim to allow you and those you love to automatically be seen by other vehicle drivers at night when you open that vehicle’s doors.

Peter Gold is the inventor and CEO of Inview Vehicle Trim. For more information, please visit www.inviewvehicletrim.com.

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