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Don’t let the family dog become an accident statistic

Apr 2, 2016 | Lifestyles

(Welcome to the weekly pet column of Pet Connection Programs Inc. of Marilla, N.Y. A new article is posted each week, so be sure to check back on a regular basis!)

More than one million dogs are killed on U.S. roads every year. Many more suffer broken bones or internal injuries that require surgery or hospitalization.

“Every day we hear stories of dogs being hit by cars,” says Jennifer Hill, president and CEO of Canine Company. “I remember the heartbreak of losing our dog Lucy when I was a child and really want to help other families avoid that kind of tragedy.”

The good news, says Hill, is that most car-dog encounters can be prevented. “It’s up to us to keep them out of harm’s way with safety measures like these.”

• Teach your dog the “come” command. “For your dog’s safety and your own, be sure he will come consistently on command,” Hill says. “It’s so important — whether he’s in your own yard or in a public place — that he comes on when you call, so you don’t have to chase him if he suddenly takes off in pursuit of a squirrel or a ball.” 

• Install a pet containment system that will keep your dog in your yard. “After we lost Lucy, my parents searched for a way to keep our new dog safe. Regular fences didn’t do the job. Then they discovered the Invisible Fence brand underground pet containment system. It worked so well, they started a company to help other families keep their dogs safe.”

• Always walk your dog on a leash. “Even the best-trained dog may chase another animal, a child or a ball that appears in the road. It only takes an instant –  before you know what’s happened,  your dog could be in the path of an oncoming car.”

• Use a leash light for night walks. “Even light-coated dogs are invisible at night; if you live in an area without sidewalks, a night light for your dog is a must. And remember to walk facing traffic so you see an oncoming traffic in time to get your dog out of the way.”

Canine Company was founded in 1983 and has helped keep more than 300,000 pets at home, safe in their yards with Invisible Fence brand systems. Canine Company also provides Manners at-home dog training, and Mobile Pet Spa and Pet Sitting services in select markets. For more on keeping the family dog safe, visit www.caninecompany.com.  

— PRNewswire

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