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Five reasons to pursue a professional doctorate

Feb 13, 2018 | 716 Jobs

Over the past two decades, getting a doctorate degree has become more relevant for people who are not researchers or college professors.

For example, an Ed.D can prepare you for administration and leadership positions. Doctorate programs today emphasize practicality over philosophy and encourage students to solve workplace issues that affect their field.

What Is A Professional Doctoral Degree?
Not all doctorates are Ph.Ds. Ph.D students must write and defend a dissertation. With a professional doctorate, students develop new solutions to real-world problems by exploring and applying existing research and scholarship. Often referred to as an “applied” or “practitioner” doctorate, a professional doctorate is a doctoral-level degree for experienced professionals who want to translate their industry expertise into a higher position of credibility, leadership and influence in their profession.

Why Get A Professional Doctoral Degree?
1. To develop a unique dissertation topic that can be leveraged and expanded upon to help enhance your career. Your research could significantly affect your field. If you enjoy problem solving and are passionate about real-world issues, an Ed.D degree may be for you.

2. To fulfill a lifelong dream to reach the apex of knowledge in a specific field, earning the coveted title of “Doctor.”

3. To become a sought-after expert, leader, author, change agent, innovator and scholar.

4. To attract like-minded thinkers and grow your professional network, garnering support from those in similar roles. Ed.D students work and collaborate with classmates who are also professionals, learning from each other and sharing new ideas.

5. To prove your capabilities and increase your self-esteem, serve as a role model for friends, family members, colleagues and the community. Ed.D degree students are able to hold full-time jobs while working toward their advanced degree.

One Doctor’s Story
Ed.D degrees can also push students to go further in their education and professional careers. Continuing education is always challenging but can be extremely rewarding. University of Phoenix alumna Kelisa Wing is a great example of a lifelong learner who has benefited from continuing her education.

As an educator, Wing strives to improve her field. She was named the 2017 Department of Defense Education Activity Teacher of the Year due to her significant contributions to the teaching profession. A dedicated English language arts teacher, veteran and mother of two, Wing earned her Master of Secondary Education with University of Phoenix overseas while her husband, also a veteran, was stationed in Germany. She also completed an educational specialist advanced degree with the University of Phoenix, where she is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Educational Leadership.

“University of Phoenix helped me learn how to become a better administrator,” Wing said. “The specialist degree helped me transition from a teaching position to assistant principal at an elementary school. I enjoyed the classes so much that pursuing a doctorate was the natural choice for me. I know the degree will enhance my learning about curriculum and instruction, helping me to ensure our curriculum represents the background of our students.”

The flexibility of professional doctorate degrees available via online programs can be key for those continuing their career journey as they advance their education.

Learn More
For further information on programs available at University of Phoenix, visit www.phoenix.edu/degrees/doctorate.html. For facts about the educational debt, earnings and completion rates of students who attended these programs, visit www.phoenix.edu/programs/gainful-employment.html.


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