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Heed the advice of a professional before saying ‘I do’ to a wedding photographer

Mar 12, 2015 | Lifestyles

The late spring to early fall months are considered peak wedding season — and that season will be here before you know it. And with your big day comes a lot of big decisions, including the selection of a wedding photographer.

Elizabeth Snyder, owner of Elizabeth Snyder Photography, LLC, is a well-known local wedding photographer who has worked with countless Western New York couples to provide them with photographic memories that will last a lifetime. Today she would like to share some professional advice on finding a wedding photographer to meet your needs.

Tips for Hiring a Wedding Photographer 

• Read online reviews: Online reviews are extremely important when researching wedding photographers. Your wedding photography company is who you are trusting to capture memories that are irreplaceable. After a couple is married, they are often very busy as they get back from their honeymoon and back to normal life. A thoughtful, positive review about a photographer means the couple must have really loved their images and the photographer if they took time out of their life to express it.

• Meet in person with prospective photographers: The final body of work is extremely important when deciding who to choose to photograph your day, but another point many couples don’t think about is if the photographer will be compatible with your personality. Your photographer should make you feel at ease on your big day as he or she will be with you for the better part of 12 hours, and feeling awkward or uncomfortable will show in images. Weddings are stressful enough without adding another worry to the list. Your photographer should blend naturally into your day without adding undue stress to it.

• Expect quick responses to your inquiries: Take note of how quickly your prospective photographer responds to your inquiries. This will give you an indication of the personal attention you will receive from them before, during and after your wedding.

Expect added staff: Seasoned professional photographers will always include staff with a full wedding package. An assistant will help the photographer straighten dresses, fix lines in poses, tidy backgrounds, and hold reflectors or off-camera strobes. A second shooter will usually be an added expense and will help get the most out of your crunched timeline or will ensure everything is captured in weddings with a large guest list.

• Ask these important questions: Every wedding photography company prices differently and includes different options in their wedding day packages. When meeting with photographers, make sure you ask these questions:

How are files kept? You will want to make sure the photographer is keeping your files in a hard drive and on a cloud-based backup system.

How many hours are included in the package? Some companies offer a full day with no added overtime charges, while other companies offer different hourly choices.

Will the wedding package include print rights and full resolution files? Again, this differs from company to company.

Is an album included in the wedding package? This is more important to some couples than others. Prints and albums can last for generations if stored and displayed properly, but files can become corrupt over time. Make sure you ask about print companies as well. You will be most satisfied with a professional printer.

Ask your prospective photographer to show you at least three full wedding galleries. Portfolios are going to showcase the best from each wedding the photographer has to offer. A full gallery will give you a more realistic view of how your day will be captured.

Elizabeth Snyder Photography will tell your story with a classic style and a compassionate eye, and will provide you with heirloom works of art that will last for generations. For more information, please call 812-1009, email el*******@el************************.com or visit www.elizabethsnyderphotography.com.


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