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How to get your house organized this fall

Sep 18, 2022 | Lifestyles

There’s something about the fresh autumn air, changing leaves and kids settling into schoolyard rhythms that make many of us feel like it’s time to restore order to the home. Here are some steps to remember for an easy and comprehensive clean out.

Review your systems: Everyone has their own way of organizing; maybe your method was a set of rules you learned from your parents, or maybe you developed a haphazard process out of sheer necessity. Either way, take some time to evaluate what’s working for you now and what isn’t doing you any favors at this point in your life. You may be surprised at how much better your system becomes.

Cut down on the clutter: The less stuff you have, the less messy things can get, and the less you must clean and organize. So, take stock of what you own and what you need, and then get rid of what you don’t want or require. While a family with young kids will amass more stuff than a retiree who lives on their own, the principle remains the same and can make organizing easier in the long run.

Don’t forget your digital life: It’s easy to miss organizing the intangible aspects of the home like your online accounts or the apps on your phone. Regularly taking the time to check on your accounts, update any weak or repeated passwords, and update your software and operating systems will help protect you from cyber threats like phishing.

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