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Kate and Corey: One last show … for now

Mar 8, 2016 | Lifestyles

Buffalo natives Kate and Corey have decided they’ve had enough with touring, promoting, living in their van and getting no sleep. The duo is in town to play one last show for all their Buffalo fans and then they are calling it quits … well, at least for six months.

After spending four-plus years writing 50 songs, countless amount of video projects, playing the notorious Ryman Auditorium as finalists in The Country Showdown, touring the north and southeast, forming bands, playing 150-plus shows/events a year, and being their own publicists, booking agents and managers, the roots-rock duo has decided they need six months to a year to reboot, reevaluate and most importantly, be artists! 

“You know, with the music industry the way it is now, it’s so hard to be a songwriter and a business person at the same time,” explains Kate Coleman. “We’re really intrigued by the idea of eliminating the stress of playing shows and promoting them in order to focus on our musical direction. Planning our future based on our artistic needs as opposed to our survival needs is far more in line with our bliss. We need some time to get that back.”

Kate and Corey have been revered as the seemingly effortless “do-it-yourselfers.” In an effort to keep their music career on their terms, they’ve recorded and released two albums, built a studio in their home, planned/booked tours (including press appearances/interviews), and created several web series such as “30 Songs in 30 Days,” “Behind Garage Doors” and “Dirty June’s Radio Hour,” all without a record label, booking agent or manager.

“We began to get so overwhelmed by everything that we realized, ‘Geez, I haven’t written a song in six months.’ That’s when you know something’s got to change,” said Corey Coleman. “As much as we are proud of what we’ve created up to this point, we’re planning on hitting all our favorite places in the country and playing these songs one last time. It’s time for a change.”

And speaking of change, their April 1 show at Sportsmens Tavern will be different than shows in the past! “We’re bringing our amazingly talented friends Highbeams!” exclaimed Kate Coleman. Highbeams are a three-piece band out of Atlanta consisting of Adam Pendlington, Ian Pendlington and Stephen Quinn. Highbeams play their own brand of emotive, super high-energy folk rock, like a mix of Blues Traveler and Mumford and Sons. “We’re so excited for our fans to hear them!”

To hear all your favorite Kate and Corey songs one last time, you can attend their concert at Sportsmens Tavern on Friday, April 1. Tickets are on sale now at http://sportsmensbuffalo.com.

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