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Mount Mercy students participate in field trips

Feb 5, 2024 | In the News

The Mount Mercy Academy Women in Social Sciences Academy recently took a field trip to the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site on Delaware Avenue. The students, under the guidance of teacher Steve McCrea, learned about the circumstances of President William McKinley’s assassination. The group also learned about Roosevelt’s inauguration, his significance as the first Modern President and his accomplishments while in office.

Senior Vayana Stoyanova (Gowanda) stated, “Standing in the exact room where President Theodore Roosevelt took the oath of office, surrounded by hundreds of books from before the 1900s, it felt as if we were truly transported back in time!”

Junior Isabelle Reaska (West Seneca) was thankful for the opportunity to visit the historical site. “The field trip to Teddy Roosevelt’s inaugural site was not only informative, but also exciting and enjoyable. We went back in time to observe history as it played out before us, starting with the death of President McKinley and continuing into the great term of our 26th president,” Reaska commented. “We were taken through the challenges he faced, the problems he overcame, and the issues he resolved.”

Brandon Atkins and members of the Advanced Placement Government Class took a field trip to observe the proceedings in West Seneca Town Court. The class witnessed several trials, a wedding, and had the opportunity to tour the jail facilities. In addition, they had the opportunity to speak with the Jeffery Harrington, the West Seneca Town Justice, and ask him questions.

Senior Katie Regan (East Aurora) observed, “The field trip today was very informative! I am looking to go into the government/law area for work and it showed me the reality of what goes on in a courtroom. The reality is that there’s not always an interesting trial going, but there is something always happening.”

Senior Emma Caughel (Blasdell) found the opportunity to speak with Harrington to be very beneficial. “I learned that if you want to go to law school, you can major in college in whatever interests you. Law schools will accept you regardless of what you study as an undergraduate,” Caughel explained. “I also discovered that judges do not like to have children testify in court so the children do not have to go through recounting the account of trauma during a trial.”

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