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‘Nashville’ fans are in for a treat

Feb 24, 2016 | Entertainment, Events

By Lauren Kirchmyer

Fans of the ABC hit drama series “Nashville” will be in for a treat Saturday evening when Charles ”Chip” Esten and Clare Bowen –  along with “Nashville” backup band Sixwire – perform at the University at Buffalo Center for the Arts. Not only will the concert include songs from the show their characters “Deacon Claybourne” and “Scarlett O’Connor” have sung, fans will have the opportunity to get know the actors and hear some of their original music.

“The thing that means a lot to us is being able to go out on the road and not only play for people that are fans of the show, but have grown to care about these characters and the story lines and these songs,” Esten said. “You’ll see a little ‘Deacon’ and ‘Scarlett,’ but mostly you’re going to get a chance to know Chip and Clare. I’ve never played my music in [Buffalo] so that’s what makes it very special.”

The duo loves working together. Off camera, the pair have a lot of respect for one another and their talents.

“When you get Clare, you get a whole lot of magic,” Esten gushed. “She’s so crazy talented. I’m glad whenever we get to do a show together because I’m a fan. What she does is real special.”

Esten and Bowen have become close friends, but their characters are even closer. “Deacon” is “Scarlett’s” uncle, so the two spend a lot of time on-camera together. Of course they get to showcase their musical talents and display what the music industry can be like, but their characters give them the opportunity to portray real-life family struggles such as cancer, alcoholism and losing loved ones … situations fans relate to and connect with.

“As an actor you want to be digging into tough, difficult, emotional territory,” Esten said. “They’re not just storylines. These are people’s lives, things people are going through.

“Generally you want to play somebody who gets to experience a whole range of human emotions and challenges. This character for me, I get to experience more of those than almost all of my past roles put together. It’s the role of my career thus far.”

Throughout his successful career, Esten has had the opportunity to perform for people like the Queen and the President and on stages including the legendary Ryman Auditorium and Grand Ole Opry. No matter where his career takes him, he wants his fans to know he wouldn’t be where he is without their support, and Bowen is on the same page. Therefore, after every show they do together they make it a point to hold a meet-and-greet.

They will meet as many fans as they can after Saturday’s show, signing autographs and taking pictures for those who ask. Esten said it touches his heart when he meets fans and hears about how people connect to the show.

“They’ve gone through things themselves or know someone that has and that’s the part that binds them to the show,” Esten said. “When they come out and share their stories, or when the share the ones of ours that lifted them up the most, it’s great. It’s a whole lot of fun!”

The concert is schedule to start at 8 p.m. Tickets range in price from $37 to $47 and may be purchased on tickets.com.

To learn more about the concert, visit ubcfa.org. To learn more about “Nashville,” which returns at 10 p.m. Wednesday, March 16, visit abc.go.com/shows/Nashville.

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