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New book from NFB Publishing examines the life of John Wilkes Booth

Jul 10, 2019 | In the News

Was John Wilkes Booth a spy for the Confederacy? Was he an agent for a secret organization? Was he just an American zealot defending the U.S. Constitution? Were any of the conspirators actually innocent? Were there others involved besides the eight who were convicted? 

“The Life and Times of John Wilkes Booth” by author William C. Edwards is the latest release from Buffalo-based NFB Publishing. The book contains evidence that supports all of these questions. It tracks the day-to-day movements of John Wilkes Booth and places them in relation to other occurrences happening around him. Derived from researching books, military records, courthouses, newspapers and other sources, this book is a compendium of the life of John Wilkes Booth.

Author William C. Edwards is a resident of Lakewood, N.Y. and was born and raised in Oil City, Pa. His previous publications include “The Lincoln Assassination: The Evidence,” “The Lincoln Assassination: The Court Transcripts” (Google Ebook), “The Lincoln Assassination: The Reward Files” (Google Ebook) and “The Lincoln Assassination: The Rewards Files” (interactive  CD).

For more information on NFB Publishing, please visit www.nfbpublishing.com. You can also follow NFB Publishing on Facebook at www.facebook.com/NoFrillsBuffalo for frequent updates.

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