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Niagara County SPCA and Fix A Bull team up to spay and neuter on Angel Day  

Apr 8, 2020 | Lifestyles

Niagara County SPCA and Fix A Bull WNY recently teamed up to provide free-of-charge spay and neuter of bully breed pets as part of the nationwide “Angel Day.” Over the course of two days, SPCA shelter staff performed surgery on 11 pit bull mixes whose owners made the decision to be part of the solution and have their dogs fixed.

“As lead vet tech at Niagara County SPCA it’s great to see that these bully breeds from all over Western New York came here and got the help they needed free of charge. This is our third year participating and we hope to continue it in our new surgical suite next year,” said vet tech Brittany Harrer.

Spay & Neuter Angel Day is an initiative that provides pit bull type dogs free spay and neuter in 41 cities nationwide. Due to COVID-19, Niagara County SPCA was only one of four to participate last week, while other cities have postponed.

“This is such a bright light for us with everything going on right now. All of the volunteers at Fix A Bull had big smiles on their faces and I think each and every one of us would agree that we are happy to be hanging out with some dogs today and helping save lives,” said Danielle Darowz-Grek, program director for Fix A Bull WNY.

The $150,000 nationwide effort is funded by Stand Up For Pits Foundation, Inc. in memory of Angel, a pit bull who was rescued in 2008 by the nonprofit organization’s founder, Rebecca Corry. Angel’s ears had been horribly cropped, she had chemical burns all over her back, and her tail had been previously broken. She was overbred, filthy and had puncture wounds all over her body, most likely from being a bait dog. But despite it all, she remained a sweet and loving dog. Angel Day aims to save other pit bull breeds like Angel from the same abuse.

For more information on spay and neuter programs, visit www.FixABullWNY.org, and for more information on Stand Up For Pits, visit http://standupforpits.us.

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