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Paula’s Donuts to open Southgate Plaza location Thursday, Oct. 1

Sep 26, 2015 | Events, In the News

By Lauren Kirchmyer

The wait is over! After 19 years of success in the Northtowns, Paula’s Donuts will be opening its doors to the first Southtowns-based location at 5 a.m. this Thursday, Oct. 1.

“People kept saying they wanted us to open in the Southtowns so my husband and I kept riding around. Honest to goodness we kept going back to the Southgate Plaza,” said Paula Huber, the Paula behind Paula’s Donuts.

Though doughnuts are the featured item to purchase, with over 30 choices available and counting, the menu also includes danishes, turnovers, bear claws, breakfast sandwiches, muffins, eclairs, bagels, brownies, cookies, coffee and more. “We’re the place to go if you’ve got a sweet tooth,” said Huber, whose favorite menu item is the strawberry shortcake doughnut.


The new location – near Market in the Square, facing Union Road – not only offers a large amount of room to run the business, there is a large parking lot for customers to utilize while they visit. Some people are so excited about the new location they have already stopped by for a visit.

“I’ve been working there with the doors open and people have been stopping in. Everybody has been so nice,” Huber said. “I love people and am looking forward to seeing new customers.”

The customers are Huber’s favorite part of owning her own business.“They’re like family,” Huber said. “You get to know people in the community.”

The more Huber gets to know her customers, she learns about their lives and comes up with ways to give back or customize their experience. Paula’s Donuts has helped non-profits fundraise and has catered events such as weddings and bat mitzvahs for doughnut lovers.


“I’m always looking at what I can do better,” Huber said. To do so, she makes sure she is involved at all of her locations. Her family loves to lend a hand too. “My husband does a lot and my two daughters and their husbands are very active. It’s a family affair.”

To learn more about Paula’s Donuts, visit their website or “like” their page on Facebook.

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