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Replacing your home’s windows is not always cut and dry

Apr 26, 2016 | Lifestyles

If you’re looking to improve the appearance of your home and make it more energy efficient in the process, you may want to start with your windows. But before you sign on the dotted line with a contractor, there are a few things to consider to ensure that you’re making a wise investment.

First, be aware that window quality and installation techniques differ from contractor to contractor. For example, it will pay to know the difference between dual pane, triple pane, argon gas and Low-E glass. What is going to be the best combination for your specific situation?

“We have inspected many homes over the years only to find numerous examples of improperly installed windows that result in increased air leakage,” said Jim Stroehlein, co-owner of Prime Time Energy Services in Depew. “While the windows may look nice to the untrained eye, the energy efficiency of the install may be lacking. One skipped step by the installers can cause the new windows to be less efficient than the original ones they were replacing.”

The best advice for homeowners is to educate themselves regarding window quality and price differences before signing a contract. Helpful information on replacement windows can be found on the Prime Time Energy Services website at www.primetime-energy.com.

“There is a big sway in prices when shopping for windows, and we prefer a one-price complete install,” added Nick Cappelli, co-owner of Prime Time Energy Services. “Some companies are out there doing a hard sell for triple pane windows, which can be extremely expensive. Unfortunately, the additional cost is not made up to the homeowner through energy efficiency. Other companies may advertise a low price for a very cheap window proven not to last the test of time. Fortunately, a happy median can be found when shopping for replacement windows.”

“We do not want to install a low-quality window, nor do we want to see homeowners overpay for something not worth the money,” said Stroehlein. “The product we have installed for the passed six years is a high-quality product proven to repay the homeowner with the energy savings it creates. The cost and quality of the windows are key in predicting an acceptable savings-to-investment ratio. I like to see a simple payback within eight to 12 years; 20- to 25-year paybacks are just unacceptable and not a smart investment.”

For more information on replacement windows, installation and energy savings, please contact Prime Time Energy Services at 685-4331 or in**@pr**************.com today for a free consultation. Prime Time Energy Services is located at 67 Sheldon Ave., Depew.

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