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The new school: What’s in your backpack?

Aug 9, 2021 | Lifestyles

If there’s anything the back and forth between in-person and virtual learning has taught us, it’s that it helps to be prepared. With the right supplies, kids can be productive no matter where their studies happen.

As we head into a new school year, fill your child’s backpack with some of the top picks from Staples Canada for every age group:

Elementary students

This is the time for younger kids to let their imaginations run free, and the right supplies can help. Send them off with pencils, erasers, sharpeners, pencil crayons and markers in handy pencil cases and cool backpacks. Feed their imaginations with healthy lunches and snacks packed in compact containers, thermoses, water bottles and lunchboxes. And help keep them protected with comfortable re-usable masks, hand sanitizers and wipes.

High school students

As their course loads get heavier, their bags will too. Look for lightweight laptops, tablets, binders, and compact wireless headphones that can help take the pressure off. The right backpack can help ease the load and give them plenty of compartments to store their stuff, while still being durable enough to handle being tossed around. Set up their lockers with shelves, locks and storage solutions to keep them organized.

College students

Ready them for success before sending them off to continue their studies with the right products to fill their bag and dorm room. Think touchscreen laptops, mobile phones and portable chargers to keep them connected; noise-cancelling headphones to help them stay focused; tumblers and water bottles to keep them hydrated; and desks, chairs, lamps and printers to make their workspace productive, even into the wee hours.

Find all the essentials you need to fill kids’ backpacks at staples.ca/backtoschool.
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