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What would you see without Inview Vehicle Trim?

Mar 14, 2018 | In the News

All vehicle manufacturers and the general public are invited to see the most amazing new and proprietary design/safety advancements to occur in vehicle door communication since the inception of the motor vehicle at the New York International Auto Show. Go to the Inview Vehicle Trim exhibit and bring your camera and see not one but five new advancements designed to make all vehicles safer!

Inview Vehicle Trim is not rocket science. In fact, the idea is incredibly simple. Inview Vehicle Trim’s reflective material applies to the inside of the doorframe where it remains unseen until it is needed — at night and by oncoming traffic.

Unnoticeable until the door is opened, Inview Vehicle Trim does not take away from the appearance of a vehicle, and its Zone of Illumination cannot be completely blocked by standing in front of it.

Conservative estimates indicate that 35,000 lives worldwide can be saved annually with this application. The highly reflective material simply affixes to the inside of the bottom of the doorframe, while another piece of reflective material is applied to the inside of the window frame. The final step is to apply to the “A” pillar — and then you have both style and safety from Inview Vehicle Trim!

Installation of this patented system requires no tools and can be completed in just seconds. And just like that, nighttime driving just became much safer. Now, when an occupant exits the vehicle at night, he or she can be safely seen from over 1,000 feet away!

For more information, visit inviewvehicletrim.com or meet Inview inventor and CEO Peter Gold at the New York International Auto Show, Booth #1333.

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